Sourdough French Toast - Breakfast
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Sourdough French Toast - Breakfast

Our amazing Sourdough French Toast now available as a single serving! This French Toast is made with thick slices of sourdough bread that are coated in a scrumptious cinnamon-sugar mixture. It comes with our homemade Buttermilk Syrup and bakes up perfectly from frozen for the ultimate breakfast or breakfast for dinner

  • Made fresh each day!
  • Store Frozen or Refrigerated
  • Each order comes with 1 Serving of French Toast and a side of homemade Buttermilk Syrup
  • Each French Toast serving is made in a 10oz individual size container
  • FREE DELIVERY ON EVERY ORDER in our refrigerated packaging or come visit us at the Drive Thru!

  • Contains: Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Egg