Happee Birthdae Harry! Baby Pie Sampler - 6 Count

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Celebrate Harry Potter and JK Rowling's birthday's on July 31st with our NEW Harry Potter Baby Pie Sampler! These yummy flavors will make you feel like you've been wisked away to the wizarding world of Harry Potter!

Baby Samplers come with two of each flavor:

2 Butterbeer: Filled with deliciously sweet, homemade butterscotch-vanilla custard. You'll feel like you sneaked into Hogsmeade with Harry to have a butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks with Ron and Hermione.

2 Pumpkin Pasties: Filled with soft, pumpkin chocolate chip cookie dough. Just like the yummy treat Harry bought off the trolley on his first ride to Hogwarts. All aboard the Hogwarts Express! 

2 Happee Birthdae Cake Batter: Filled with chocolate, cake batter custard. Celebrate Harry's birthday like Hagrid did when he made Harry a delicious sticky chocolate cake for his 11th birthday. These babies even have pink and green sprinkles, just like the icing on Harry's cake!

Baby Pies come in a box of 6.

Baby Pies come baked and flash frozen. They will need to be thawed for about an hour or two before consuming.

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