Gobbler Pot Pie
Gobbler Pot Pie
Gobbler Pot Pie
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Gobbler Pot Pie

This pie is a perfect solution to be able to enjoy all of our favorite staple Thanksgiving dishes at a smaller scale all year round!. Grab this for your family and to send to loved ones to enjoy!

This delicious pie is loaded with layers of homemade mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, slow-roasted shredded turkey, steamed green beans, and traditional stuffing. Served with a side of homemade cranberry sauce.

  • Pot pies have 6 generous servings for everyone to enjoy!
  • Made fresh each day, delivered refrigerated and ready to bake
  • Store Frozen or Refrigerated,  Storage and baking instructions included

  • Each order comes with 1 Pie

  • FREE DELIVERY ON EVERY ORDER or come visit us at the Drive Thru!

Contains: Wheat, Soy, Egg, Dairy

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